How We Give Back

10% of proceeds will go to Aknew Approach, Inc. A nonprofit organization that serves Black and Brown Youth and Families impacted by the Criminal Justice System (CJS). We've created this initiative because we care about the lives of all people, and we strive to play a role in the safety and well-being of others from both sides of the spectrum. There are so many families and individuals impacted by the CJS, whether directly or indirectly and it has caused so much trauma and brokenness all across the nation. We want to aid in the empowerment, encouragement and equipping of this community so roads to healing and better days are paved.
Visit their website for more information on Aknew Approach.
We accept donations towards the provision of new scrubs for our essential workers. We want to supply as many free scrubs to our essential workers as possible and we need your help to do so. Use the link below to donate to this cause and help us to make the task of saving lives a little easier for those on the frontline.
Click here to donate

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